5 Amazing Summer Vape Juice Flavours

  • 25 Jun 2019

Its official, summer is here. Vaping is a year-round activity, but that does not mean that you can’t adjust your e cig flavours to suit the season. Vaporzone, your favourite e liquid suppliers, have compiled this summer vape flavours list to put in your tank this season so you can buy vapour to enhance your summer vibes.

Wanting to try different e liquids and mix up your rotation? Whether you will be relaxing by a pool, living it up at a festival or meeting up with friends in the beer garden, these e-juices will help to define your summer.

1.      Hangsen Strawberry E Liquid

This Hangsen vape juice is popular all year round, but for some reason it surges in popularity in summer. Anyone for tennis? Wimbledon strawberries and cream price fluctuates around £2.49, which happens to be the same price as this summer inducing  Hangsen Strawberry E Liquid. This is a refreshing vape juice that comes in a variety of e liquid nicotine strengths to suit your taste.

2.      Vampire Vape Heisenberg

This Heisenberg e liquid provides some serious flavour. If the fruity vape juice flavour doesn’t excite your taste buds, the blast of menthol vape will give your senses a minty kick. This concentrated Heisenberg e-liquid gives you a fruity inhale brimming with flavour and an exhale that leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

The concentrated version of Heisenberg is a true-blue gem that carries some serious flavour. With the concentrate, you can make your own fruity e-liquid with a sure-fire minty kick. ... Need help mixing your own e-liquid?

3.      Hangsen Vanilla E Liquid

‘I don’t like vanilla ice-cream on a hot summer’s day’, said no one, ever. You will already be more than familiar with the flavour of vanilla, but this Hangsen Vanilla E Liquid takes it to another level. This Hangsen vape review can confirm that this e juice liquid gives vapers a sophisticated and slightly exotic twist that you will want to add to your collection of e cigarette juices.

4.      Hangsen Watermelon E Liquid

If you want to be temporarily transported back to a white sandy beach and turquoise sea, Hangsen Watermelon E Liquid is the ideal choice for you. Hangsen only use quality ingredients for their e liquids, and you can tell this by the power of the real fruit flavour experience. It’s fruity, sweet and a real summer essential.

5.      Hangsen Menthol E Liquid

Menthol, in a top summer vape e juice list? Absolutely. The cool and minty vape juice flavour refreshes and revitalises – the ideal for balmy summer days and nights. This Hangsen menthol e liquid is intense and one of the brand’s best selling vape juices and gives you a sublime Hangsen menthol sensation.

Chasing the taste sensation of summer? These five flavours should be your first port of call. Explore and experiment with the different vape juices that are available, and if you find another flavour that you think represents summer, let us know. Contact Vaporzone if you have any equipment or vape juice questions. 

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