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Element Crema Dripper Liquid

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Element Banana Nut Dripper Liquid

Element Crema Dripper liquid

Element E liquids are growing in popularity at a rapid pace, and have won a couple awards at the recent Vape fest.

The UK market is being flooded with an increasing number of Dripper and cloud chasing liquids, so what makes the Element Dripper e-liquid so special?

Some Dripper Liquids contain 100 percent VG but the Element Crema Dripper Liquid contains a balanced ratio of 80 VG and 20 pg. This ratio helps to provide a tasty, juicy flavour along with the added benefit of a healthy vapour cloud.

At the moment we have nine flavours in production. They include: banana nut, fresh squeeze, lime cookie, pink lemonade, strawberry whip and water melon chill. These flavours are doing well on the market but we intend to produce an even greater variety so that our loyal customers have more to choose from-they deserve it!

You can order your Element Crema Dripper Liquid from our website at www.vaporzone.co.uk where we have a variety of products on store. Delivery is free on all orders over £25. Remember we represent a variety of top brand names like Hangsen, Kamry and Kangertech, so you can rest assured you are only getting quality!

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