Element Strawberry Whip Dripper Liquid

Element Strawberry Whip Dripper Liquid

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Strawberry Whip Dripper E Liquid

Element Strawberry Whip Dripper Liquid

VaporZone is happy to be able to supply customers with this truly original and tempting flavour of e liquid.

Element Strawberry Whip Dripper Liquid  will send one's taste buds into overdrive. Boasting the sensation of freshly picked strawberries, this one-of-a-kind flavour will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. With a slight hint of cream within this liquid, those with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed. This blend is able to be used within all modern drippers and mechanical modifications. Anyone who loves the taste and allure of fresh fruits is bound to be amazed with what such an eliquid has in store.

As with many of the other quality vapours offered through VaporZone, this mixture has a high content of vegetable glycerine (VG). The smoker will be able to enjoy denser vapour clouds than would be possible with other brands (and therefore an enriched taste). This Element Strawberry Whip Dripper Liquid vapour is supplied in bottles of 20 millilitres; ideal to experience hours upon hours of vaping without the need for a refill. This is one of the most popular flavours currently available and thanks to our online portal at VaporZone, purchasing such a unique taste opportunity can be accomplished in only a matter of minutes.




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