How to Spring Clean Your Vape

  • 26 Mar 2019

How to Spring Clean Your Vape

It feels like spring has finally sprung, which means that you can start to enjoy longer hours of sunlight and (fingers crossed) warmer temperatures. Spring has traditionally been the time of year that homes were given a deep clean – an important ritual of cleaning away the dust and grime that built up over winter in times when homes were heated by fireplaces.

You need to adopt this tradition and apply it to cleaning your vaping equipment; granted, you no longer use a naked flame to give you your ideal smoking experience or have ash to contend with, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give your electronic cigarette kit a good clean to maintain its peak performance.

While vape equipment is inexpensive to replace, to get the most out of the vape cigarette for long-term use, regular maintenance is essential. Keeping the equipment clean gives you many benefits:

·         Helps the e cig kit perform better – more efficient

·         Makes the smoke smoother

·         Enhances flavours

·         Makes vaping more economical - equipment last longer

When you buy new e-liquids, you want to taste your new flavour. You don’t want to have a back-flavour of your previous bottle. In between bottles of vape juice, you should clean your tank, but you should also commit to giving it a deep clean:

1.       Detach the tank from the mod

2.       Dispose of any remaining e-cig juice

3.       Vodka acts as a solvent, and because its ok to ingest, it won’t add any chemical nasties to your vaping kit. Dampen a cloth** with a high-proof neat vodka (non-flavoured) to break down any deposits that have built up.

**Try not to use tissue as it disintegrates easily and can get stuck in the tank

4.       Rinse and clean with warm water

5.       Air dry the tank before reassembling the device

Whether you vape regular throughout the day, or just periodically, at some point the coils and wick are going to need attention. You can’t clean them, so you need to replace them. Signs of when you need to replace your e-cig coil and wick include:

·         It looks damaged or crusted

·         You get a burnt taste when you vape, even after you have cleaned your e cig device

·         The atomizer leaks even though you have rechecked and tightened it into place

·         Less vapour is being produced than normal

By changing your coil and wick, you’ll be able to restore your e cigarette to the performance level you had when you first purchased it! We stock a range of replacement vape coils to suit a variety of kit, so if you are unsure which you need, get in touch!

Remember, to get the most out of your e cig kit, you need to maintain it regularly, but you should also use it as per the instructions. Don’t let your tank run dry or overfill it. Keep your e cig liquid in the right temperature and out of direct sunlight, else you risk the vape juice thinning and not performing as it should.

Do you have any vape kit cleaning tips? If you do, please share them!

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