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Kanger V2 Aerotank

Product Code: Aerotank V2
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Kanger V2 Aerotank

The new innovation from Kangertech latest designed areotank system..

A upgraded version of the original kanger aerotank..

Delivers a quality vaping experience and due to its new airflow system allows

the user to really control there amount of nicotine hit they inhale..

The Kanger V2  fits all ego/510 fittings..

The dual coils atomizer are easily replaced when needed..

Compliment your Vapour E cigarette by fitting a quality tank and experience the quality vaping experience of a aerotank

The Kanger V2 Aerotank Kits comprises of..

1 x Steel Body

1 x Pyrex glass Body

Drip Tip

Beauty Ring

Airflow Valve

2 x Dual coil atomizer heads..

Try the Kanger V2 Aerotank for a really great vaping experience



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