An introduction to e Liquid

  • 29 Mar 2018

E liquids or e juices are an essential part of the vaping experience and it’s these liquids that give the vapour a delicious taste. As the e cigarette industry has grown, so has the selection of e liquids on offer and there are now hundreds of different flavourings that have been designed to cater to every taste, whether sweet, spicy, fruity, or minty.

History of e liquids

When e cigarettes first made an appearance in the global market there were limited options of liquid on offer and many of those available were of questionable quality as they were imported from China. The demand for these liquids fast grew as e cigarettes became more popular and new e liquid companies started cropping up, offering quality liquids in a variety of flavourings and nicotine strengths. Now there are several e liquid companies catering to the market and Hangsen and Vampire are just two of the biggest brand names in the industry.

What is in an e liquid?

All e cigarettes are fitted with a cartomiser or atomiser and a fluid tank system that heats up and causes the e liquid to run to vapour, making vaping possible. The e liquid that is poured into the tank to be heated up is generally made of three components, namely nicotine, diluents and flavouring.

Nicotine strengths in e cigarettes can be varied and many brands offer liquids of different strengths, or the opportunity for vapers to mix their own. Nicotine is usually available in both liquids with vegetable glycerine and a propylene glycol base, and liquids have now also been created nicotine-free for those who want to simply enjoy the vaping experience.

Diluents perform three functions in the liquid, diluting the nicotine, adding the solution that provides the vapour and generating what’s called the ‘throat hit’ – the sensation achieved when the flavour hits the back of the throat. Vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and aqueous glycerine are the three most popular diluents and the choice between these can affect the strength of flavour enjoyed when vaping.

The flavouring that’s added to a liquid makes vaping even more attractive and as nicotine has no taste a flavour is needed to enhance the draw. Flavourant can be added to a liquid to create a delicious vape, and natural and synthetic agents are used to recreate everything from pina colada to menthol and cappuccino.

Now that you know a little more about e liquid you can make an informed choice about which flavour and base you want to try to ensure maximum vaping enjoyment, every time!

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