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E Cigarette Mods Explained

in General Vaping on July 28, 2016 . 0 Comments.

A lot has happened in the e cigarette industry in the last few years, with an increasing number of more advanced products regularly hitting the market. As technology has evolved, so too have e cigarettes, and mods have become incredibly popular.

Mods is the short hand for modification and when it comes to e cigarettes, this term is interchangeable as it covers many different aspects of the device. Due to their composition, e cigarettes lend themselves incredibly well to being 'modded', and it’s thanks to this that a whole new culture of vapers has emerged.

Mods can refer to the e cigarette itself or to the hardware that makes the device work, such as the cartomizer. Drip tips and other mouthpieces can also be modded, as can just about any other part of the device.

An Exciting Alternative

Mods first emerged as an alternative to the basic e cigarette and were also intended to give vapers a bit more choice in how they enjoyed their experience. By being customisable, mods allow for vapers to determine the strength of their hit, the amount of vapour that’s expelled and the heat at which the e liquid is turned to vapour.

Mods can be summed up as high performance e cigarettes and allow vapers the opportunity to tailor make a device that works best to suit their needs. Mods now come in all shapes and sizes and it’s interesting to note that several of them boast bigger tanks, and are far more robust, rather than being small and cigarette-like.

Mod Types

Whilst the first mods were more than likely built by vapers at home, the industry quickly recognised the need to supply not only the components, but the ready built devices for those who wanted to make use of an enhanced, customised e cigarette.

Mods can now be separated into two main categories, namely advanced personal vapourisers and mechanical mods. Advanced personal vapourisers are essentially incredibly hi tech e cigarettes that feature variable voltage or wattage options and have a digital screen that allows for monitoring of temperature, battery life and so on.

Mechanical mods can be more complex and the term relates to the inner working of the device. These can be adjusted and altered in a way that best suits the vaper, and are better suited to someone experienced who wants to experiment and has done their homework on how the devices work.


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