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E Cigarettes Offer The Ultimate Freedom

in General Vaping on September 30, 2016 . 0 Comments.

E Cigarettes Offer The Ultimate Freedom

E cigarettes have taken the world by storm and in addition to creating a whole new set of words that refer to their usage and the people who use them, they have also changed the way we enjoy nicotine, smoking and the choices we make.

Previously if you didn’t smoke a traditional cigarette you could get your nicotine fix from gum or patches, but both were considered methods that were used to quit, or as substitutes for travelling or being in environments where you couldn’t smoke. With e cigarettes a whole new word of options have opened up and smokers are no longer limited to standing outside in the cold trying to get a few puffs in before they head back inside .

Freedom of use

The e cigarette offers the ultimate in freedom of use. Whilst tobacco cigarettes have a pungent odour and are prohibited in most indoor environments, e cigarettes are almost odourless and if they do have an aroma it?s that of the flavouring used, so it is not unpleasant. This means that you can enjoy vaping in a far greater number of places, and the devices are far more socially acceptable.

Freedom of taste

With traditional tobacco cigarettes the choice of flavours is limited and apart from menthol there isn?t much variety. E cigarettes give smokers significantly more freedom of choice when it comes to flavours and there are literally hundreds of different e liquids that range from spicy to sweet and every other taste in between. Aside from the massive flavour choice, vapers can also choose and alter their strength of nicotine, or choose to vape without adding any nicotine at all.

Freedom of expression

Electronic cigarettes cater to a wide variety of personal tastes and not only are the flavours and nicotine levels available in an abundance of choice, the types of device are too. E cigarettes with light up ends that mimic real cigarettes, slick and sexy polished steel devices or brightly coloured units are all on offer, and e cigarette customisation has become trendy.

Freedom of choice

E cigarettes allow for users to enjoy the sensation of smoking anywhere, with no smoke, no smell and no lingering odour. Social situations are no longer marred because you have spent half the time outside and travelling is also so much easier, as vaping is so much less restrictive than tobacco cigarette smoking. These electronic devices offer an alternative to traditional cigarettes and judging by their immense popularity, more and more people are discovering just how beneficial their numerous positive features are.


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