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The New Trend-Vapor Cigs hit the World Headlines

in on March 05, 2017 . 0 Comments.

 The New Trend – Vapor Cigs hit the World headlines

E-cigs never made a buss among vapers nor was talked about. Not too long ago, when people started to talk about choosing Hangsen or Gamucci E Cigs. Today, it seems like vaping is available in every corner, on everybody’s lips, and a constantly trending topic online. The rise in vaping has been a drastic one, headline moments along the way.

From the big screen to small screen to social media, vaping has been trending.  According to the famous “Business Wire” E-cig market will see great growth by 2019 - Technavio Identifies Top Three Emerging Trends for the E-cigarette Market in the US Through 2019

And here is why E-cigs are making to the headlines for:

1.      Less Chemicals: Tobacco smoking leaves a toxic mix of destructive chemicals. This is a potentially harmful to every organ in your body, especially the lungs or the whole of respiratory system.

2.      Mouth Disease: Smoking has a detrimental effect on both gums and the bone density in jaw. Gum disease could result in irreversible damage and is a major cause of tooth loss.

3.      Sexual Performance: Smoking reduces libido and can cause erectile dysfunction. Vaping won’t turn into sex god but it won’t impede performance either.

4.      Stay Looking Younger: Every year people spend £millions on cosmetic surgery to create a youthful appearance. An easier way to slow down the ageing process that is much cheaper is Quit smoking and start vaping! Smoking accelerates skin aging giving wrinkles and bags under eyes. Vaping does not.

5.      Save Money: Vaping is cheaper than smoking. Not only will help to save money, but also find that health insurance and life insurance are cheaper too.


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