Attaining the Perfect Throat Hit

  • 23 Mar 2018

E cigarettes come with their own vocabulary, and one of the most common terms vapers will hear bandied about is ‘throat hit’. Whilst this may sound like an unpleasant occurrence, it’s actually most desirable and it’s the sensation that’s sought by every vaper.

Throat Hit Explained

The term throat hit refers to the feeling you get when you inhale nicotine and it reaches the back of your throat, creating a short, sharp impact that’s very fulfilling. This sensation is a key element of vaping, and only smoking or inhaling nicotine will provide this feeling of satisfaction. A throat hit is unique to smoking or vaping, and there’s no other way to replicate this feeling. Patches, gum and other products with nicotine in them won’t offer a throat hit, and it's part of what makes vaping so enjoyable, especially for those who have stubbed out tobacco cigarettes and made the switch to the electronic versions.

The Right Nicotine Content

When you begin vaping, it may take a while to perfect your technique and master the art of the desired throat hit. The nicotine content in your e liquid will play a large role in the throat hit you enjoy, and it may take some adjusting to find the perfect level. A too-strong throat hit can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, and if the nicotine content is too low, you may not enjoy any sort of sensation at all. You’ll need to find the balance that suits you best and the nicotine level that meets your needs. Generally, the 8-16mg nicotine concentration is the preferred mix, but heavier smokers who’ve switched to vaping may need to go higher in order to enjoy the same results.

Enhancing the Throat Hit

It’s not just the nicotine concentration in the e liquid that contributes to the throat hit; there are other elements that also affect the satisfaction you’ll feel. The flavour of e liquid you choose can also be a contributing factor, and menthol, cinnamon and aniseed all enhance the throat hit and add to its intensity. A spicy or minty flavour will leave your taste buds tingling and add to the satisfying feeling you experience when vaping, and for new vapers these flavours are a great way to start off as they offer instant gratification.

Finding the right throat hit can take some time, and you may want to experiment with different e liquid flavours and nicotine concentrations to find the perfect mix for you.

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