Avoiding the most common beginner mistakes

  • 23 Mar 2018

One of the most common mistakes new vapers make is that they assume vaping is the same as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. However this is a misconception that can lead to a less than pleasant experience. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the most common mistakes made by beginners so that you can avoid them.

Read the instructions

The e cigarette may seem like a device that's simple to operate, but when starting out it can be quite technical. The biggest mistake beginners make is rushing to get started and then wondering why their device fails to work in the manner in which they imagined. Not reading the instructions can also lead to you unwittingly damaging your device, so taking a few minutes to read the manual is always imperative.

Not activating or charging your batteries

Failing to activate your batteries after your first charge is a common mistake, and often new vapers think that their device is faulty. Rapidly click the on/off button a few times to activate your battery to avoid this error. Keeping your batteries charged is also important and you should never let your battery die completely before recharging it. If you are aware you may not be able to recharge for a while, you may want to carry a backup battery just in case.

Not changing your smoking habits

With an e cigarette your draw will be different, as will the actual vaping experience. Unlike a tobacco cigarette you'll only need to take a few drags at a time to enjoy the same amount of nicotine intake. Trying to smoke your e cigarette like it is tobacco will see you take in far more nicotine than you are used to, and potentially burn your device out from overuse. With an e cigarette you only need a few draws to enjoy the same satisfaction a whole cigarette would have given you in the past.

Drowning your e cigarette with E liquid

A very common rookie error is for new vapers to overfill their atomiser or tank, drowning the heating element that creates the vapour. Over filing your e cigarette can potentially render it useless as the liquid can leak into your battery and stop the device from working. 

When purchasing e liquid it is also vital that you choose a quality product with ingredients that are clearly listed and never settle for inferior, cheap options.

By avoiding these common mistakes you can enjoy your e cigarette right from the first vape and always get the most out of every draw.

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