Choosing an e liquid you'll love

  • 03 Mar 2018
E liquids are now available in just about every flavour imaginable and choosing which juice will suit you can be tricky. To help you find a flavour you'll love you will need to consider a number of factors, including whether you used to smoke tobacco cigarettes, what your favourite type of food is and what you eat and drink on a daily basis. Fortunately with so many options available you can try out a number of different taste sensations until you find one, or several, that best suit you.

Refreshing Menthol

If you ever smoked menthol cigarettes or love the taste of fresh mint, you'll definitely want to opt for a refreshingly light, tingly taste. Ice mint, spearmint, menthol and even grape or pineapple are satisfyingly cool and each flavour offers something special when vaping. Just as delicious as an after dinner mint, this flavour is great for anyone who enjoys a subtle vaping experience that's clean, crisp and clear.

Sweet and Sugary

If you've got a sweet tooth then the perfect way to indulge your chocolate or juicy fruit craving is with a sweet flavour. Chocolate, cinnamon, peach, cola and strawberry are all great choices for those who love the sweeter side of life and the bonus is that these flavours are calorie free!

Traditional Tobacco

If you've recently quit smoking you may be missing the tobacco taste, so tobacco flavoured e liquid is your ideal choice. The tobacco flavourings are fantastic for enjoying an authentic, rich taste that emulates that of an analogue cigarette, but that's so much cleaner, enjoyable and rewarding. The ability to control nicotine strength in you e cigarette adds to the appeal of tobacco flavourings and you'll never miss smoking if you can vape instead.

Fruity and Fabulous

The fruit flavours are some of the most popular e liquid options and there are a huge number of options available. From zesty lemon and orange to silky smooth grape, peach and pineapple you can choose a fruity flavour that you prefer.

Coffee and Cocktails

If you love the taste of coffee why not opt for a coffee flavoured e liquid? The array of coffee flavours is vast and if you are looking for something with added sophistication, amaretto may just be your ideal choice. Coconut rum, Pina Colada and even an energy drink flavour are all rich and intense flavours and are a great choice for a big night out.

From exotic flavours to classic tastes,there's an e liquid to suit everyone and choosing one is simple if you know what your taste buds respond best to.

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