Cloud Chasing: How to do vape tricks

  • 24 Sep 2019

Cloud Chasing: How to do vape tricks

When things become more and more popular, they often inspire off-shoot activities that would have been unimaginable just a few years previously, and vaping is no exception. When you think about how vaping equipment has advanced and changed over the years, it was only going to be a matter of time before vaping as an activity became vaping as entertainment.

Cloud Chasing, in other words vaping competitions, has become somewhat of a sport amongst the vaping communities around the globe – pushing the limits of vape equipment to perform tricks, create the biggest clouds and more.

So, if you are intending on joining the Cloud Chasing community and have got your eye on the prizes, here are 5 Cloud Chasing tips to get you on your way:

1.       Choose high VG and low PG vape juice

You’ll find that most official vaping competitions provide the competitors with e-juice to keep the competition fair, but if you do get the opportunity to choose, or just want to practice, use vape juice with a high VG and minimal PG. The greater the difference between the two means thicker cloud production. Try this one here.

2.       Be battery aware

To produce big and thick clouds more heat is needed than is typically used for standard vaping. This means that batteries will use more charge than normal. Make sure you have a replacement e cig battery to ensure that you can keep performing. Its best to use high quality vape batteries because of the extra work that they have to do. The Vision Spinner 1300mAH electronic cig battery is a great battery to use – variable voltage, long lasting and fast to recharge.

3.       Breathing technique

Behind every Cloud Chaser is a honed breathing technique. It’s more than just inhaling and exhaling, you need to adjust your posture so that you can extend your lung capacity and draw more vapour from the vaping equipment to produce thick clouds. Straighten up when you inhale and lean forward to exhale to really push the air out of your lungs – it takes practice to perfect your breathing technique.

4.       Start with the basics

Before you start trying the more complex vape tricks make sure that you have perfected the basics. Without getting to grips with the basics, the more advanced vape tricks will fail. Yes, it takes time, but the basics are the foundation of success. Check out videos on YouTube for tutorials, hints and tips.

5.       Be creative

Once you have mastered the basics and understand the limitations of the vape equipment you will be able to take your Cloud Chasing to the next level. You may want to upgrade your electronic cigarette mods to help develop your vaping tricks. Keep practicing and be creative.

Cloud Chasing is a fun side to vaping, but knowing how your vape device works is important, not only for developing tricks, but for safety reasons too. If you need any advice or guidance as to which vaping equipment to buy for vape tricks, contact Vaporzone today.



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