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Electronic Cigarette Batteries: Replacement e-Cig Battery for Sale

Electronic Cigarette Batteries: Replacement e-Cig Battery for Sale

Buy high quality replacement batteries for your electronic cigarette online.Shop at VaporZone and recieve free UK delivery on orders over £25

As the health conscious are turning away from smoking, e cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. Vapor Zone sells all you could need for your e cigarette including a wide range of electronic cigarette batteries. From variable voltage to lithium batteries we have the replacement e cig battery for your needs.

The Innokin Itaste VV V3.0 Free CE4 is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage and variable wattage battery with a built in Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Not only can you vary the input to your needs it also has a built in puff counter to count your vapes.

The Innokin Itaste has clear displays to show you the battery life, atomiser voltage output, last-used settings, puff counter, resistance (ohms), voltage and wattage. It is safe to use while it is charging and comes as a complete kit, including clearomizer, USB charger, gift case, battery and instructions.

All you need to add is the liquid of your choice. Another variable voltage choice is the Vision Spinner 1100 or 650mah, which will work with most clearomisers and gives you great control over the amount or vapour you receive. It is easily one of the best variable voltage batteries on the market.

If you are after a longer lasting battery then the Ego 1100mah battery, available in black or silver, could be for you. Made to fit all ego and 510 clearomizers, it has a working wattage of 3.7 volts and two to three hours charge time.

If budget or having a wider range of colours dictates your choice then we sell the basic Ego 650mah battery in black, silver, blue or red. Although the charge won’t last as long as the 1100mah battery most vapers find that it will give them a day of vaping before needing to be recharged.

We also stock a range of battery chargers as well as standard rechargeable Samsung Li-Ion batteries.

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