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1100mah Electronic Cigarette Kit

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1100mah Electronic Cigarette Kit

The newest member of the EGO Electronic Cigarette Kit family.

The 1100mah is an e-cigarette particularly well-suited for the heavy smoker.

This is one of the few devices that are really essential to any vaper, especially as it comes in a convenient, portable e-cigarette starter kit.

The Ego 1100mAh Electronic Cigarette Kit yields anywhere between 500 to 800 puffs per fill.

Depending on your preferences, and on a full charge, its battery can hold as long as a full day of heavy usage.

Because it lasts so much longer than any of its competitor counterparts, you won’t have to rely on spare batteries as long as you have your charger.

You’ll also find the CE4 Clearomiser to be an absolute life-saver due to its 1.6ml capacity, capable of feeding e-liquid into the atomiser and eliminating the need for cartridge filters, while also yielding rich vapours and flavours.

The  1100mAh Electronic Cigarette Kit includes..

2x  CE4 Clearomisers,

1x  USB charger,

2x 1100mah  batteries with manual 5-click on/off protection,

1x instruction manual,

all of which fit nicely into a portable pouch.

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