E Cig USB Charger

E Cig USB Charger

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e Cig USB Charger
If you want a charger which will give your e-cig battery maximal charge in a minimal amount of time, then this USB charger is ideal. Able to fully charge a small battery in as little as two hours (obviously larger e-cig batteries will take a little longer), the handy USB fixing means you can run the charger from your laptop or other suitable device whilst undertaking other work. Alternatively, buy an inexpensive conversion plug to run the charger from a mains supply in the same way as most phone chargers.

This durable and versatile charger operates on a simple red light/green light system, so you can quickly see whether your battery is fully charged or requires further charging time. Simply plug the battery into the charger, plug the USB end into the relevant socket and wait for the red light to turn green, at which point your e-cig battery is ready for use. Straight-forward, powerful and effective, this charger is ideal for vapers who want their e-cig batteries promptly charged and ready for use.

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