Electronic cigarette etiquette: The do's and dont’s

  • 20 Mar 2018

E cigarette sales have increased dramatically over the last few years and the popularity of these devices has soared across the globe. With increased popularity comes an abundance of questions, including the etiquette that needs to be observed when vaping in public.

As an alternative to tobacco, e cigarettes offer numerous advantages, including the fact that they are smoke and odour free, but this doesn't mean that non-vapers are automatically tolerant of your habit, so it's best to always take into account others feelings when using your device.

The number one tip to all vapers that applies across every instance is, if you are not sure, ask! Rather check and see if you are allowed to vape before taking a chance and finding out otherwise. By being polite you'll give vapers a good name and might educate others whose lack of knowledge has previously made them see e cigarettes in a less than positive light.


Always ask before vaping, especially if in a restaurant or confined space. Unlike dedicated smoking areas or rules regarding the distance you can light up from a doorway, there are few clear rules when it comes to vaping, so when out in public always check first.

Ask those in your immediate vicinity if they mind you vaping. Even if it is allowed others may not want to be around you. By asking first you'll create a good impression and show respect for your peers.

Be friendly and share your experience with anyone who asks. This will help spread the world about vaping and perhaps change people’s perspectives of these devices.

Practice stealth vaping. This creates less vapour and allows you to not draw attention to yourself, making e cigarettes even more welcome in most cases.

If you are travelling check the restrictions surrounding the use of e cigarettes locally and don’t plead ignorance if caught out.


Blow billowing clouds of vapour across the room simply because you are allowed to vape. Be considerate and respectful of others in your immediate environment. This type of vaping is known as cloud chasing and is best practised at home or at appropriate events.

Don't vape near children or anyone who asks you not too, even if it is allowed. Vaping near children should be a particular taboo as these devices are intended for adults.

Don't vape anywhere you shouldn’t. This goes without saying, but places like doctors rooms, hospitals, restaurants, aeroplanes and other such public spaces should be treated with extreme sensitivity.

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