Element Pink Lemonade Dripper Liquid

Element Pink Lemonade Dripper Liquid

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Element Pink Lemonde Dripper E Liquid

Element Pink Lemonade Dripper Liquid

What better way to relive the tranquil summer days under an inviting sun?

Than through the use of this Element Pink Lemonade Dripper Liquid provided through VaporZone?

Whether inhaling these sumptuous fumes on a spring afternoon or even during the depths of winter, smokers can enjoy an unsurpassed taste that very much mirrors freshly squeezed pink lemonade. This American-made product even provides a slight tingle to the tip of the tongue; stimulating the taste buds as well as one's memories. As opposed to traditional flavours such as mint, chocolate or cinnamon, why not take a walk on the tangy side with this amazing dripper liquids manufactured by Element?

One of the keys to such an intense taste arises from the use of a higher concentration of vegetable glycerine. Also known as VG, there is no less than 80 per cent glycerine within this mixture. So, the discerning smoker can enjoy longer and more potent drags. It should also be noted that with a nicotine concentration of only three milligrams, those who desire to cut down their overall consumption will benefit from this solution. VaporZone is very happy to be able to offer this and many other vaping products at highly discounted prices.

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