Everything you need to know about cloud chasing

  • 21 Mar 2018

Cloud chasing is a relatively new phenomenon and its turned vaping into something of a sport for e cigarette aficionados. Defined rather descriptively by the Urban Dictionary as ‘vaping like a dragon’, cloud chasing is the quest to blow the biggest, thickest clouds of vapour using your e cigarette.

An activity that’s not recommended for beginners, cloud chasing has become especially popular with those who have modded their devices or who strive to get the best results by pushing them safely to the limits. For those who once spent days creating the perfect smoke ring, cloud chasing offers an exciting new genre of competition and poses a challenge to experienced vapers who consider themselves something of a professional when it comes to e cigarettes.

An art form made of vapour

Cloud chasing is considered something of an art from and many vapers spend hours practising and perfecting their technique. As vaping has become more popular, to the point of there even being dedicated vape shops and cafés cropping up across the globe, cloud chasing has become considered something of a sport within the community.

Creating impressive plumes of vapour is something that attracts attention and many have described this type of vaping as an extreme sport. Fans who gather round cloud chasers and watch the enormous, dense clouds emerge have been referred to as cloud gazers, and these spectators are increasing in numbers as the popularity of cloud chasing grows and more and more e cigarette users try to achieve the sought-after white out effect.

Practice makes perfect

Cloud chasing is something that shouldn’t be tried by beginners and it’s recommended that you do your research properly before you give it a try. You should also be completely comfortable with vaping and understand how your batteries work and what they can safely cope with, the types of e liquid that work best and the atomisers that make cloud chasing easier.

VG (vegetable glycerine) based e liquid is recommended as it creates denser clouds of smoke but your posture, lung capacity and exhale technique all play a role in the amount of vapour you can produce. It takes time and practice to learn how to cloud chase and some vapers may find it easier than others.

By researching how you can refine your technique and chatting to other vapers you’ll learn a lot about the skills you’ll need and it’s rather evident that cloud chasing is a lot more involved and intensive that blowing a simple smoke ring.

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