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Hangsen Amaretto E Liquid 18mg 12mg

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Hangsen Amaretto E Liquid

Hangsen Amaretto E Liquid

Hangsen Amaretto E Liquid available at VaporZone in 18mg 12mg.

Hangsen Amaretto E Liquid blends top-quality ingredients to deliver the sweet, delicious flavour of the classic Italian almond liqueur in a high quality e-liquid.

If you enjoy the luscious taste of amaretto, you’ll adore this Hangsen Amaretto E Liquid.

Why Hangsen Amaretto E-Liquid is the Best Choice?
Hangsen is one of the biggest manufacturers of e-liquid in the world.

Hangsen’s e-liquid range is very popular with testers and reviewers.

Thanks to its expert balance of smoke-like sensation and rich, smooth flavour.

All Hangsen’s e-liquids are pre-blended and sourced directly from the manufacturer in sealed, child-proof bottles to ensure excellent quality time after time.

Hangsen e-liquids is the blend of 20 per cent vegetable glycerine (VG) to 80 per cent top quality American propelyne glycol (PG).

Because they’re made using only the best ingredients.

Hangsen e-liquids give you the full flavour of a high PG product with none of the harshness.

All Hangsen e-liquids are free from DEG and DEHP approved.

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