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Hangsen Blackcurrant E Liquid 18mg 12mg 6mg

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Hangsen Blackcurrant E Liquid

Hangsen Blackcurrant E Liquid

Hangsen Blackcurrant E Liquid available at VaporZone in 18mg 12mg 6mg

Hangsen Blackcurrant Flavoured E Liquid
Blackcurrant E-Liquid from Hangsen packs a zingy burst of savoury berry enshrined in a smooth, velvety vape. If you enjoy the refreshing aroma of this zesty fruit, you’ll appreciate the soothing smoke it was fused with even more.

Take your love for this mouth-watering berry to another level.

Blackcurrant is a fruit like no other and it should be relished with the finest vapes and in the best state of mind.

Unwind and let your thoughts drift to happy childhood days when this berry would quench your innocent cravings.

Breathe in the vapour and let the pungent blackcurrant flavour embalm your breath and exhilarate your taste buds.

Hangsen Blackcurrent E-liquid can pack a punch of effervescent berry aroma like no other vape on the market.

It’s backed up by Hangsen’s reputation for cutting-edge technology, daring innovativeness and awareness of what its customers are passionate about. You can rely on Hangsen to produce a smooth, rich blend of the finest aromas in the most potent E-liquids available on the market today, which both satisfy your cravings and lift your spirits.

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