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Hangsen Cinnamon E Liquid 18mg 12mg 6mg

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Hangsen Cinnamon E Liquid 18mg 12mg 6mg Vaporzone

The warm and inviting taste of Hangsen Cinnamon E Liquid 

Hangsen Cinnamon combined with an all-natural blend of nicotine to produce what can only be called one of the most unique flavour combinations for all of those who enjoy electronic cigarettes.

This is one of the primary reasons that Hangsen Cinnamon E-Liquid is the preferred choice for anyone looking to quit smoking while still enjoying a full-bodied taste.

One of the hallmarks of the Hangsen brand is the fact that only natural sources of tobacco are employed during the extraction and refinement processes.

Therefore, this e-liquid does not contain many of the harmful and synthetic chemicals that may be found in other proprietary blends.

While the flavour is indeed robust, the smoker has a choice of three different strengths (depending on his or her cravings).

The lowest concentration is six milligrams.

Anyone who wishes for a bit more “kick” can instead opt for twelve or eighteen milligramms.

The one-of-a-kind extraction technique combined with a tasty and satisfying blend of natural ingredients has allowed this cinnamon e-liquid to be extremely popular within the electronic smoking community.

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