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Hangsen Spearmint E Liquid

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Hangsen Apple Mix E Liquid

Hangsen Spearmint E Liquid

Hangsen Spearmint E-Liquid available at VaporZone in 18mg 12mg 6mg

Hangsen Spearmint E-Liquid is a flavourful blend the finest Spearmint

It’s been a hit with reviewers and testers, who enjoy the chewy taste of Spearmint

Hangsen Spearmint makes a great all-day vape.

It’s available in a range of two nicotine strengths, 18mg and 12mg

Why Choose Hangsen Spearmint E-Liquid?
Like all of Hangsen’s quality e-liquids.

Hangsen E-Liquid are made with top quality ingredients.

for a smooth, tasty vaping experience.

With the perfect balance of PG and VG, it gives you a pleasant and satisfying throat hit.

Without the harshness of lower-quality e-liquids.

Hangsen source premium natural flavourings for the best-tasting e-liquids around.

The nicotine in Hangsen Spearmint e-liquid is derived from tobacco leaves for a more natural, authentic smoke-like experience.

All Hangsen’s e-liquids are independently tested.

 Certified free of DEHP and DEG (Diethylene glycol).

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