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Hangsen Fruit Mix E Liquid 18mg 12mg 6mg

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Hangsen Fruit Mix E Liquid

Hangsen Fruit Mix E Liquid

Hangsen Fruit Mix E Liquid available at VaporZone in 18mg 12mg 6mg

There are times when one may wish to add a bit of flavour when switching from traditional cigarettes to their electronic counterpart.

Should this be the case, Hangsen fruit Mix offered  is not to be missed.

Various flavours including (but not limited to) melon, berries and oranges are all found in this pleasant concoction.

However, these tastes do not take away from the amount of nicotine present that will help lessen the urge to smoke.

It is worth noting that Hangsen employs only organic and natural ingredients in the process of mixing this vapour.

This feature has enabled Hangsen to be known for its safety as well as for its unparalleled taste.

Two different levels of nicotine are supplied in this vapour.

A milder threshold of twelve milligrams can be enjoyed or for those with a tougher craving, eighteen milligrams is also a choice.

The combination of flavour, uniqueness and the ability to satisfy any nicotine craving has allowed Hangsen Fruit Mix E-Liquid to be one of the most popular choices in the industry…

Hangsen Fruit Mix is a delightful combination of the finest fruits

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