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Hangsen Gold Silver E Liquid

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Hangsen Gold Silver E Liquid

Hangsen Gold Silver E Liquid

Hangsen Gold Silver E Liquid available at VaporZone in 18mg 12mg 6mg

HS Gold Silver  E-Liquid is a rich, full-bodied e-liquid with plenty of natural tobacco flavour and very similar in taste to Benson&Hedges

 For those who want a smoke-free alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes without sacrificing the familiar flavour of their favourite brand, this could be the perfect solution.Smokers will probably appreciate this liquid, due to its similar flavouring to this renowned brand of cigarettes.

The higher proportion of PG in Hangsen’s e-liquids means that Gold Silver is a good choice for those who prefer their e-liquids to be stronger on flavour than on billowing clouds of vapour, with a strong throat hit that’s not too harsh.

With its pleasant taste and authentically smoke-like feel, HS Gold Silver is a good all-purpose, all-day “vape”.

Hangsen Gold Silver E-Liquid comes in a range of strengths.

Why Choose Gold Silver E-Liquid?
The nicotine used in Hangsen e-liquids is derived from natural tobacco leaves,

Providing a more authentic experience.

Hangsen e-liquids are tested by independent European laboratories and come certified.

They’re free of contaminants like DEG and DEHP, and are shipped in secure childproof bottles.

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