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Hangsen Rainbow E Liquid

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Hangsen Rainbow L&B E Liquid

Hangsen Rainbow E Liquid

Hangsen Rainbow E Liquid available at VaporZone in 18mg 12mg and 6mg

For those who are looking to finally make the transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to inhaling nicotine vapour.

This particular tobacco flavoured E-Liquid is one of the most popular options for those vapours who prefer to stick to a tobacco flavoured vape,

As with all e-liquids, the inherent taste is similar to cigarettes and the infused nicotine will help satisfy cravings.

As  Rainbow is made from naturally occurring tobacco.

It will exhibit a smooth and robust flavour.

However, one of the main differences between the Hangsen brand and other companies, is that this vapour does not contain a chemical known as Diethylene Glycol.

Otherwise known as DEG, this compound has been shown to be toxic to humans.

A great deal of vapour is produced with each puff.

As should be expected,  This flavour is available in a number of intensities.

The lowest concentration is six milligrams while the highest is twenty-four milligrams.

Of course, this will have an effect on the sensation and the perceived strength of the nicotine.

Hangsen Rainbow E Liquid replicates the flavour of a regular Cigarette

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