• Innokin I clear 30s

Innokin I clear 30s

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Innokin i Clear 30s Clearomizer

The I clear is a vaping heavyweight

It features the sought-after dual coil atomiser system, made of several parts that are easy to replace and maintain. The atomiser head incorporates two coils and silica wicks encased in a stainless steel tube, with 24 generous wick holes to maximise the flow of the e-Liquid toward the coils. All 24 wick threads are imbibed in the e-Liquid stored in the 3ml chamber. The e-Liquid lasts much longer than with standard tanks, reducing the need to re-fill.

Much like its predecessor  the iClear 30, iClear 30s features a rotatable mouthpiece. The innovative 360 degree design of the clearomizer’s mouthpiece makes it easy for the vaper to swivel the nozzle around, conveniently reaching the e-cigarette from any angle. The mouthpiece is unique and threaded, meaning that replacing it with a standard drip tip is impossible.

The Innokin iClear 30s Clearomizer is compatible with eGo batteries and Vamo, Zmax, MVAri and similar 510-threaded devices.

The iClear 30s is produced in a wide collection of colours. VaporZone currently stock the Clear version. Accessories in the range are also available from VaporZone, the vaping one-stop-shop.

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