• Kanger T2 wicks

Kanger T2 wicks

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Kanger T2 Wicks. 

These Kanger T2 wicks are ideal for e-cigarette smokers who wish to enjoy a cool and mild flavour.

Sold in packages of five, a plentiful stock will always be close by in the event that a wick needs to be changed out.

As they will draw less power than other wicks, the T2 version will also enable an existing battery to last significantly longer.<[>

Changing out the wick itself can be quickly performed in three steps. In most models, the tip of the clearomizer will need to be unscrewed. The old wick will then be removed and the newer one can be inserted. Note that the Kanger T2 contains a comparatively long wick. The user will need to be careful not to allow it to get hung up in the draw tube during the replacement process.

As with most Kanger products, these wicks are highly reliable and will last a significantly long time. As they are shipped in packages of five, they are quite an economical choice for those who enjoy a mild flavour for their e-cigarette.

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