The definitive guide to vaping tricks

  • 27 Mar 2018

New vapers are sure to have tried creating smoke rings or blowing a large cloud, while more experienced vapers may have discovered that there are plenty of tricks that are fun to perform and easy to perfect.

Vaping tricks have become more than just a fun exercise. There are even competitions held globally whereby vapers compete with one another in various categories. Single O’s Jellyfish and French Inhales are just some of the tricks you can learn while vaping.

Single O’s

The basis of many a vaping trick, Single O’s can be blown by mimicking a light coughing action in your throat or to make the shape of an O with your jaw and tap the mouth whilst exhaling. As the name suggests, a single O-shaped vapour ring is the aim.

Double and triple O’s

Far easier than they sound, Double and Triple O’s can be made by simply placing your finger in the middle of your mouth, breaking up the vapour into smaller circles rather than one large one.

Vape bending

Once you have perfected the Single O you can try your hand at vape bending. All you need to do is cup your hand next to the side of your mouth and manipulate the O you blow in a way you desire. This must be done gently in an effort not to break up the vapour cloud and once you’ve learnt how to do this you can spin the O back into your mouth, bend it or turn it sideways.


Now that you can create Single O’s and bend them, you are ready to try the Jellyfish. Too create a Jellyfish you need to blow a large Single O and follow it up with a smaller puff of vapour that rests in the centre. It’s best to let the Single O expand somewhat and then slowly exhale and release a mini puff.

French inhale

An intermediate trick made famous by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg in a music video with the same name, a French inhale requires you to deeply breathe in and open your mouth wide. You’ll then push your bottom lip out, directing the plume of vapour upwards with your tongue and when it reaches your nose, you inhale it back in.

These vaping tricks do take time and practice and once you have perfected these you can start with more complex options such as the Dragon, Bane inhale and the Tornado.

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