The difference between vaping and smoking

  • 27 Mar 2018

With an increasing number of tobacco smokers stubbing out traditional cigarettes in favour of electronic ones, the misconception that vaping is the same as smoking is a huge one. There are some rather large differences between opting for an e cigarette over a tobacco one, and we'll shed some light on the subject to ensure that you've got your facts straight.

Vapour versus smoke

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e cigarettes don't actually produce smoke. Instead they use e liquid to create water vapour. The clouds of smoke you see emitted from an e cigarette are actually clouds of water vapour that are caused by the heating up the e liquid, creating vapour that's then inhaled.

As its water vapour rather than smoke that's emitted, there is little to no smell. The most an e cigarette will emit is a very subtle sweet odour that's caused by the flavour of e liquid used. With no smoke there's no long lasting pungent odour, and unlike with a tobacco cigarette you'll be none the wiser if someone is vaping in your immediate vicinity.

The mechanism is completely different

Tobacco cigarettes are disposable and once smoked to the filter it's reached a forgone conclusion. E cigarettes are the opposite and these devices are built to offer many hours of vaping pleasure. The separate components of an e cig can also be replaced, and mods that adjust and enhance performance can be added as desired. While a tobacco cigarette requires a flame to ignite, an e cig does not require any form of combustion and works using a battery. The composition of each type of cigarette couldn't be more different and this should be your first clue when comparing the two.

Tobacco-free cigarettes

E cigarettes are completely devoid of tobacco and the chemicals that are released when the burning this product are there for non-existent. Unlike a traditional cigarette there is no tobacco used when vaping and the nicotine content is provided by the e liquid. Variable strengths of nicotine are available and vapers can choose an e liquid that best suits their requirements.

An environmentally friendly option

Cigarette butts, ash and chemical filled smoke are all part of smoking tobacco cigarettes, but e cigarettes carry none of these negative side effects. This means that they are far gentler on the environment and don't pump chemicals into the air or litter dumps with filters that take several years to decompose.

These are just a few of the most significant differences between vaping and smoking, and those who regularly use e cigarettes will soon notice other contrasting factors.

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