Tips for Picking the Perfect E liquid to Suit Your Vaping Style

  • 29 Nov 2018

You've purchased your e cigarette, researched the techniques required to get the most out of vaping and now all you have to do is choose a quality e liquid. For new vapers selecting an e liquid can be a make or break decision that can influence the way you feel about this new way of smoking, and it's important to remember that you may not always make the best choice right away.

So many flavours to choose from

Many new vapers spend more time choosing an e liquid than deciding which device to use and this is often due to the huge amount of options on offer. Unlike tobacco cigarettes which have a rather uniform taste, e liquids come in so many variants, with everything from sweet cherry to the more tart lemon and lime. There are also tobacco flavoured e juices for those that want to enjoy an experience with an electronic cigarette that mimics smoking but in far more enjoyable way. Your choice of e juice is a personal one, and what may appeal to one vaper won't appeal to another, but with so many flavours to select from there's something for everyone.

When determining which flavour you'd prefer consider what your usual preferences are and work from there. If you have a sweet tooth the chocolate or strawberry flavours may be perfectly suited, while if you prefer savoury you may lean towards to the more minty or coffee options. Many vapers start with e juice that tastes like tobacco and move over gradually to the more exciting flavours.

An option for every vaper

Don't be disheartened if you don't enjoy the first flavour you've picked, with an e cigarette it's easy to switch flavours and try a new one. Trying out a number of flavours may be the best way to find your favourite and you may discover that your sense of taste develops as you vape more and smoke tobacco less.

When buying e liquid always ensure that you select a premium brand as purchasing cheap, inferior e liquid will reduce the enjoyment you obtain from vaping. It's also imperative that you check the nicotine content of e juice and start off with a lower dose, as you may be surprised at how quickly you craving is satisfied in just a few draws.

To get started purchase a few flavours and test them out, it may take some time to establish which one is your favourite but in the long run this will be a very worthwhile exercise that's sure to heighten your future vaping enjoyment.

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