To Fake Vape or Not to Fake Vape? That is the Question

  • 23 Jan 2019

To Fake Vape or Not to Fake Vape? That is the Question

Ouch: it’s that time of year when the excesses of Christmas are felt. You may have recovered from your hangover, but the financial impact takes a little longer to get over. With credit card bills landing on your doormat, now is the time to make some savings. However, not all savings are equal in value.

Nobody knows how many fake e-cigarettes, mods or clearomizers there are in circulation, but if you consider that there are only a dozen or so reputable brands and compare that to the number of vape equipment manufacturers, you get a picture of how big the problem is.

Cheap materials and poor build quality

When you buy from a brand, the product has been carefully developed and designed to give you the best vaping experience. The brand has built its success and reputation by being able to repeatedly deliver what it promises. Think about batteries; while all batteries degrade over time, branded e-cig batteries use top grade lithium metal which provide a stable source of power for the e-cig but they also have built-in protection to prevent over-charging and discharging. Counterfeit batteries are prone to catch fire and even explode. They also contain impure lithium which degrades quickly, so you will need to replace the battery sooner. Buying cheap means you buy twice!

No regulation

When you buy an authentic product, you are buying a product that has had to jump through many hoops before it has hit the shelves. If you look at branded e-liquids, they are governed by the Tobacco Products Directive and genuine brands have to be compliant in order to trade. This law means that every e-liquid must be tested, and the results sent to the government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and also be sold in child-proof and tamper evident bottles. Buying reputable brands such as Hangsen e-liquid, Element e-liquid and Vampire Vape guarantees the products that you are buying are regulated, authentic and therefore safe good to use.

How to protect yourself from buying a cheap imitation

·         Choose trusted and reputable vendors who have a clear refunds policy – they are demonstrating their accountability and belief in their products.

·         Ask questions: genuine vendors will be more than happy to answer your questions, and give you vape advice and guidance. They want you to be a repeat customer after all!

·         If it looks too good a deal, it more than likely is.

Fake and counterfeit goods have been around as long as brands have, and while they are a cheaper alternative to their branded counterparts and can look the same, the quality of the product is seriously compromised. There’s big money to be made by the counterfeiters. They trade on the brand and reputation of legitimate businesses without having to invest in regulation or use quality products. You can’t blame people for seeking a better deal; however, when it comes to vaping products, you may get more than you bargained for – but not in a good way.

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