Top Tips for Travelling with Your Vape Kit

  • 26 Apr 2019
With summer just around the corner, you may have great plans for this year’s summer holiday. You’ll be limited by baggage limits as to what you can pack to take with you, but have you researched about whether you can take your vape equipment?

Here’s a guide to travelling with your vape equipment, everything from preparation through to where you can safely vape without offending local cultures and customs – the last thing you want to do is have stress joining you on holiday!

Is my vaping equipment legal abroad?

It depends where you are going!

Europe: vaping is prevalent in most European countries, and so the viewpoint is like that of the UK – you can vape where people are allowed to smoke. However, be aware that some countries place heavy taxes on vape juice, so it is wise to take enough of your preferred e-cig juice with you to last your holiday.

Far East: you must be aware that vaping is illegal in Singapore and Thailand. You should not even think about taking your equipment to these regions, unless you fancy a ten-year stretch! Leave your e-cigarette at home.

North America: vaping is legal in both the USA and Canada, but you need to research the specific states that you are visiting as there are regional variations as to where people can vape.

The good news is that as vaping is so much more popular than before, you are less likely to be held up and questioned about why you are carrying spare electronic cigarette batteries and strange liquids at the airport; however, that does not mean that you shouldn’t take care.

Where should I pack my vape kit?

Airlines, as a rule, do not allow you to transport your vapour devices in checked-in luggage, but you can carry them in your hand luggage.

·         Mods

Mods typically don’t have safety timers to prevent long draws which means that if they are packed without care it could continue firing until the battery dies or, in the worst-case scenario, overheat and catch fire. This is the leading cause of fires started by e cigarettes. If your mod does have a safety lock, engage it but better still, disconnect and remove your battery from your mod.

·         Batteries

Take extra care with packing your batteries. It’s good practice to cover the terminals of your spare e-cig batteries with tape while you are travelling – you don’t want to accidentally short circuit your battery.

·         E-liquids

You’ll be able to carry e-liquids in your hand luggage, so long as they don’t exceed the 100ml limit. Remember that a tank filled with liquid counts as a liquid – so keep it in a clear plastic bag for security to check.

It’s a good idea to stock up on your favourite vape juice flavours before you go, and they can be transported in the hold. There are two reasons for this:

a)      You know that the vape juice is authentic, safe and compliant with regulations.

b)     You may not be able to legally buy vape juice in the country that you are visiting. Countries such as Australia, Denmark, Finland, Japan and Norway do not allow vape juice with nicotine to be sold, but they do allow personal use e-liquids that contain it to be imported.

Always check online that your destination country allows vaping before you travel and pack your e cigarette equipment safely and how the airline recommends – you want to be able to relax and enjoy your holiday, rather than remembering it for all the wrong reasons.


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