Understanding a little more about e liquids

  • 01 Feb 2019

E-liquids are what make vaping possible and the variety of flavourings on offer is phenomenal. From sweet to spicy and citrusy to cocktail flavoured, there’s now an e-liquid that’s suited to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Gone are the days of tobacco-flavoured cigarettes, e-liquids have ushered in a new way of enjoying nicotine, and if you do feel like you’re missing the taste of a traditional cigarette there are even tobacco flavoured liquids available.

During vaping e-liquid is atomised into vapour, and there are various factors that affect the way you enjoy your electronic smoking experience. To make it simple we’ve explained a little bit more about e-liquid to help you gain a better understanding of the juice that’s makes vaping possible.

Nicotine levels to suit your needs

E-liquids are designed to match the intensity of tobacco cigarettes and your preference may well be based on the strength of what you used to smoke. Typically e liquids range between 6 and 24mg, increasing at 6mg increments, and if you preferred full flavoured cigarettes you will probably prefer the 18-24gm mix, whereas if you smoked light cigarettes you would opt for between 12-18mg. When determining what strength liquid you prefer it’s always best to start off with a lower mg amount and work your way upwards, and you may find yourself fluctuating between levels as you find yourself adapting to vaping. Of course vaping can be done just for the fun of it and there are also delicious nicotine-free e liquids available.

Achieving the desired throat hit

Throat hit is the term used for the feeling when you inhale and nicotine hits the back of your throat in a satisfying way. Depending on whether an e liquid contains a majority of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) the throat hit will differ, with PG-based liquids offering more intense throat hit and an experience that’s considered closer to smoking. VG-based liquids produce a greater amount of vapour which provides a much smoother hit and this type of vaping is often preferred by those who previously smoked light or ultra-light tobacco cigarettes.

The flavour you enjoy when vaping is purely based on personal preference and you may take a few different tries before deciding on one that really suits your style. The choice of nicotine level and whether you opt for a PG or VG based liquid are also based on the results you desire and you’ll find that many vapers have created a tailor made smoking experience especially to suit them.

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