Understanding adjustable airflow

  • 27 Mar 2018

As vaping has become more popular, the technology behind it has improved and so too have the various tanks and e cigarettes that are now so readily available. The new generation of tanks almost all offer an adjustable airflow control, allowing vapers to customise their draw.

By being able to adjust the airflow, vapers can choose whether they want a tight or loose draw and whether they want to maximise the clouds they produce or stick to a thinner plume of vapour. In addition to affecting the draw, changing the airflow can affect the flavour and intensify the taste of the e liquid dramatically.

Air intake options

On realising how much of an impact allowing extra air into the tank can have on a vaping experience, some vapers have chosen to modify their own tanks by simply drilling a hole or making an existing hole bigger; however, adjustable airflow tanks mean you have greater flexibility, as you can change the settings to suit you.

When it comes to choosing a tank, it is essential to take note of where the air intake is. A side intake creates an airflow vortex, which enhances the flavour and the viscosity of vapour, while a hole at the bottom enhances the experience but does not have as much of an impact.

Side air intakes are more effective, as they make maximum use of the way in which the coil is structured. While an airflow at the base of a tank is still effective, it does not have the full influence over the vapour as it is produced. Although it does make a difference, it is less effective.

Selecting a hole size

With an adjustable airflow, vapers can choose how large a hole they wish to have and can change it at will with absolutely no effort. A simple twist to close or open more holes is all it takes and this can alter the vaping experience completely.

Typically, the larger the hole, the greater the draw and vapour production and the smaller the hole, the more intense the flavour. Many vapers adjust their air holes throughout the day depending on the environment they are in or the intensity of the flavour they wish to enjoy.

The greater the airflow, the more intense the draw and the throat hit. Many vapers who have switched from traditional cigarettes prefer the heavy pull, as its very similar to smoking tobacco.

Adjustable airflow is another way in which vapers can attain maximum satisfaction from their device. In time there are sure to be other adjustments that improve and enhance the experience even more.

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