Understanding clearomiser tanks

  • 03 Apr 2018

Clearomiser tanks are often considered to be suited to the more seasoned vaper, as they offer an enhanced experience that differs somewhat to a more traditional e-cigarette; however, tanks are actually easy to use and after a short period of time even a new vaper will feel completely comfortable with what they have to offer.

The clearomiser tank that you choose affects your vaping experience and can be tweaked to suit you by using an atomiser and e-liquid of your preference. PG and VG e-liquids offer slightly different results and the type of atomiser a tank utilises can influence the strength and viscosity of your draw. From thin, strong plumes of vapour to rich, robust bursts, a clearomiser tank that suits your style will enhance your vaping experience dramatically.

Benefits of tanks

Tanks offer vapers many advantages and although they may be a little more complicated to use than the standard options, they are well worthwhile mastering once you are comfortable with using your e-cigarette. Clearomiser tanks are available in a wide range of styles and models and each is compatible with its own specific atomisers, drip tips and wicks.

One of the biggest benefits of using a clearomiser tank is that they can hold as much as double or triple the usual amount of e-liquid, ensuring you won’t run out in a hurry. Tanks are also well known for offering a more consistent result and are an excellent option for a vaper who makes use of their e-cigarette throughout the day.

The clear tanks also ensure that vapers won't run out of e-liquid unexpectedly and that a dry vape is not about to be an issue at any time. Additionally, cartomiser tanks are incredibly easy to fill and vapers shouldn’t be intimidated by the process whatsoever, as its very straightforward. All that is needed is for the tank to be filled with e-liquid, the atomiser screwed back on, the battery connector replaced, and you are ready to go.

The future of e-cigarettes

As e-cigarettes have become more popular across the globe, vapers are becoming more knowledgeable about the different options available. Whereas tanks may have previously been seen as something only experienced vapers or those who like devices would use, they are becoming far more commonplace now.

Cartridges are increasingly being replaced by clearomisers and cartomiser tanks, as their many benefits are becoming evident and vapers are finding them preferable to use. Cartomiser tanks have proven to far outperform an e-cigarette cartridge and their overall advantages make vaping all the more alluring and rewarding.

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