Understanding e cigarette clearomizers

  • 04 Apr 2018

If you are new to the world of e cigarettes it might feel like you are suddenly learning a new language, with e juice, cartomizers, clearomizers and vaping all being words you previously were not very familiar with!

One of the words you’ll be hearing a lot of is clearomizer, and this component is a vital part of any good e cigarette kit. If you are familiar with the cartomizer, a clearomizer is exactly the same, except that it is transparent and allows for vapers to see how much e liquid they have left, and to watch the vaporizing process occur.

Inside the e cigarette

The clearomizer is often simply defined as a transparent cartomizer, however they may not be built the same way. Generally a cartomizer consists of a hard plastic or metal casing, a polyfill filling and atomizer. The clearomizer however is constructed out of plastic or an opaque medium that is transparent and instead of a polyfill filling they have a wick, making it easier for vapers to see how much e liquid they have left.

A clearomizer is a component of an e cigarette that needs to be replaced relatively regularly, and there is now a huge selection of different types of option available on the market. Basic clearomizers, coloured ones and even dual wick variations can be purchased, and each offer a superior vaping experience. The colourful versions are still transparent enough for the vaper to be able to see the amount of e liquid left, and they offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a plain clear piece.

Advantages of using clearomizers

Clearomizers offer a variety of benefits to vapers and with e cigarettes being so popular, there are constant improvements being made to the components. The plastic, which was once a bit brittle as it was so thin has been strengthened, and the see-through design ensures that a vaper never runs low on liquid and is unable to enjoy using their device. It’s also great to be able to see how the vaping process works, and watch the vapour be created, as you can determine the strength of your draw. Clearomizers are also very easy to fill and are considerably bigger when compared to cartomizers, giving vapers a longer lasting alternative, and reducing the need to refill as often.

Choosing between a clearomiser and a cartomizer depends on a vapers preference, but now that you know a little bit more about how they work you can make an informed decision and choose an option that’s best for you.

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