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Vampire Vape Bubblegum

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Vampire Vape Bubblegum E Liquid

Were you always the kid chewing gum and blowing bubbles? Want to feel like a kid again?

This Vampire Vape Bubblegum e liquid is definitely for you. All Vampire Vape liquids are made in the UK, and use the finest quality ingredients to create authentic-tasting liquids for your vaping needs. With that kind of quality, you can be sure the lasting flavor will be something you can enjoy over and over again.

This Bubblegum flavor will instantly take you back to your childhood - it’s sweet, fruity, and unforgettable. Best of all, it’s a flavor that lasts longer than any actual piece of bubblegum. If you crave something sweet, smooth, and nostalgic, there is truly nothing better than vaping with this sweet, juicy, memorable flavor. Just one use, and you’ll feel like you’ve just gotten a handful of gumballs from a machine!


Available in 18mg and 12mg 10ml Bottles

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