Vape becomes the word of the year for 2014

  • 01 Feb 2019

The Oxford dictionary has declared 'vape' 2014's word of the year. This accolade is typically awarded to a term or word that is now used on a day to day basis and has gained widespread attention and acceptance. Only words or phrases that show that they have staying power are put forward for this title, and the billion dollar e cigarette industry is testament to the fact that these devices have become hugely popular.

A place in history

While other favorites such as 'bud tender' and 'bae' were contenders for the word of the year, vape won out by miles, as this word has become internationally recognised and has been responsible for creating an entirely new smoking subculture. In many cases the word smokers has been replaced completely by the term vapers, as more and more people switch to electronic devices rather than the traditional tobacco options. By earning itself a place in the dictionary and being awarded the word of the year title, vape has made its mark in history and these devices look set to continue to make an impact on everyone who gives them a try.

A term no one can ignore

Vaping has become such a common term that it's no longer considered slang and the editors of the Oxford dictionary have recognised this word in its many forms. Oxford's editors described vape as the perfect word of the year as e cigarettes have become so commonplace, and according to statistics you are more than 30 times likely to hear or read the word vape than you were just two short years ago. Usage of the word vape and the term vaping has doubled in a year, as e cigarettes and their delicious e liquids sweep the market and create a whole new generation of 'smoker' who prefers this vapor-based, electronic option.

The future of smoking

With vaping being touted as the word of the year by a respected entity such as Oxford it's easy to see why this way of enjoying nicotine is set to be the way of the future. Vaping has also had a huge impact on social media and various hashtags with related subjects have cropped up across the web. It's almost impossible to ignore the popularity of these electronic cigarettes and now, with Oxford recognising vape as not just a word, but the word of 2014, we can expect to see even greater acceptance of these smart devices.

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