Variable wattage and variable voltage demystified

  • 05 Apr 2018

Variable wattage and variable voltage demystified

Variable wattage (VW) and variable voltage (VV) e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular with vapers who want to get a little bit more from their vaping experience.

VW and VV e-cigarettes, or those that offer a combination of both, are now readily available. By understanding what these terms mean and how they influence your vaping pleasure, you can choose an option that best suits your style.

Basics of VW and VV

Variable wattage refers to the force at which the e-liquid is pushed through the atomiser, while variable voltage refers to the power driving that force. The higher the force and the greater the heat, the better the vaping experience will be.

By adjusting the VW and VV you can create a fuller-bodied, more flavoursome vapour with a stronger throat hit, or you can tone it down if preferred. VW and VV e-cigarettes allow you to control the way in which you vape and adjust the intensity to suit your personal requirements.

Differences between VW and VV

If you have an e-cigarette with both VW and VV settings, you won't be able to adjust both the volts and the wattage at the same time ‒ this is scientifically impossible.

Variable voltage works by adjusting the volts up or down to attain the perfect heat level and ohm setting. The more ohms used, the more volts required and vice versa.

Variable wattage works slightly differently to VV in that if you set your watts rather than volts, the battery will adjust automatically and essentially do the maths for you, creating the required ohms. By automatically adjusting the ohms you have complete control over the intensity and viscosity of your vape.

Ease of use vs fine tuning

When it comes to choosing a device with VV or VW settings, or both, the decision rests on the vaper's personal preferences, although new vapers may find the VW settings easier to use. VW can be set and left without any adjustments required; however, VV gives greater control, allowing smaller volt adjustments to be made whenever desired. Essentially VW adjusts itself once set, while VV is more of a manual option that allows fine-tuning.

Digitised and dial-operated VV and VW e-cigarettes have been developed, with the digital displays allowing even greater control. With both options vapers can monitor their vaping experience closely and adjust their settings in a way that suits them, creating a customised experience that is supremely satisfying every time.

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