What happens at a vape festival?

  • 17 Apr 2018

What happens at a vape festival?

With the e-cigarette market having exploded in recent years, vape festivals and conventions have cropped up around the globe. E-cigarettes are now mainstream and these festivals aim to cater to the ever-growing market of vapers who want to get the most out of their mods, their e-liquid and the overall vaping experience. What can you expect when you visit a vape festival? Let’s find out!

A tight-knit community

Vapers tend to stick together, share tips and offer each other advice - and the chance to try out each other’s favourite flavour of e-liquids. At a vaping conference, or indeed with any group of vapers, you are likely to find a close-knit, dedicated and friendly community keen to engage with you. Many vapers have been vaping since the very first e-cigarettes hit the market and have fought their way through the myths and misconceptions and managed to help many others to get started; therefore, their advice can be invaluable.

Great variety of e-cigarette-related products

A vape festival or convention is the perfect place for e-cigarette retailers to show off their wares. You will find everything from starter kits to exotic mods and may well run into some rather weird and wonderful contraptions that allow you to vape in exciting new ways. You will also find every flavour of e-liquid you can imagine - and some you couldn’t - and can often sample different tastes and flavours before you buy.


There will be a group of avid vapers showing off their tricks at every vape festival. Cloud chasers usually draw in the crowds, as watching people blow billowing clouds of vapour in various formations can be hugely fascinating. You will also find vapers eager to help you to learn how to do tricks, so go prepared with a higher VG liquid to create fuller, thicker clouds.


Vaping competitions are also a draw card and usually involve cloud chasing or prizes for the best mods. Watching vapers take part in competitions is a great activity, as is checking out unusual mods created by the vape masters!

Food and drink

Vaping can make you thirsty, with most vape festival and conventions catering for their visitors with a wide selection of drinks and eats. In some cases, you may even find vaping food or drink pairings, which makes for an interesting experience and teaches you more about what taste sensations work well together and complement one another.

A vape festival is a great way to discover more about making this activity the most satisfying it can be.

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