What kind of vaper are you?

  • 17 Apr 2018

What kind of vaper are you?

Vaping has created its own subculture and within this newly sprung community there are smaller factions who can be described in certain ways depending on their style or interests. If you are wondering what type of vaper you are, keep reading and see which category best applies to you.

The beginner

We've all been here, where we've just discovered how tasty, clean and enjoyable vaping is and want the whole world to know. A beginner has done oodles of research and has bought everything they think they'll need for vaping, and more, and is keen to show anyone who is vaguely interested their new toy. After a few weeks of vaping the e cigarette will no longer be a luxury but a necessity and a beginner graduates to the next level.

The mixologists

A mixologist is an experienced vaper who has tried just about every flavour of e liquid available and has now started making their own custom concoctions. They'll always be keen for you to try their latest mix and many of them are a big hit with the vaping community.

The modder

Not content with using a state-of-the-art e cigarette but rather wanting to try and mod a device to suit their needs and create an artwork. Modders enjoy customising e cigarettes and are forever tinkering with their devices to try and enhance their performance.

The fashion fiends

These vapers are very concerned about how their e cigarette looks, or how they look vaping. If you're a fashion fiend you'll opt for the sexiest, most stylish e cig and make sure that everyone notices you vaping. From matching an e cigarette to an outfit to ensuring that accessories are colour co-ordinated, a vaper who's also a fashionistas is always on trend.

The casual vaper

Similar to a social smoker, a casual vaper is one who doesn't vape all the time and when they do so, they do it with panache. Casual vapers like to keep their e cigarettes simple and enjoy being able to have a draw whenever they choose, so they rely on pre-filled clearomisers and long life batteries to make sure their device is always at the ready, should the desire to vape arise.

The mentor

These vapers know everything there is to about e cigarette and are always researching and staying on trend with the latest news and technological advancements. They'll always be ready to give you advice and have a wealth of knowledge available that you can benefit from.

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