Why a good battery is essential

  • 17 Apr 2018

Why a good battery is essential

Just like any device that runs on batteries, an e cigarette needs to have a decent battery to power it, or the vaping experience is going to be rather disappointing.

Longer lighting up time

Batteries and battery life may seem a rather mundane factor to worry about when purchasing an e cigarette, but in this type of smoking it?s important to remember that the battery is essentially the devices flame. If you remember how annoying it was to want a puff of a cigarette but you were unable to find a lighter- a flat battery in an electronic vaping device can produce the same feeling of frustration!

There is nothing less satisfying than not having enough pull on an e cigarette and when a battery goes flat the devices atomizer or cartomizer is unable to produce vapour, thus drawing on the device results in nothing more than the slight taste of the e liquid the smoker has added. If your device is suddenly offering a less than satisfying draw it may also be an indication that the battery is flat, rather than any other issue. When buying an e cigarette check the battery life and stand by time offered to ensure that you can ?light up? for longer and won?t be left sucking on a cigarette that won?t switch on!

A battery that suits your smoking style

A fully charged battery is essential to an enjoyable vaping experience and in order to ensure that you can charge your device almost anywhere there are a range of chargers or disposable options that can be used at home, in the office or on the go. USB chargers, in-car chargers and disposable batteries all make it easy to keep your device ready for vaping and it?s up to you which type of battery will suit your lifestyle best.

There are also two different types of electronic cigarette batteries available on the market and each offer a different vaping experience. There is a manual and an automatic battery option, and the manual batteries require the vaper to depress the button on their device when inhaling, whilst the automatic battery is triggered whenever the end of the filter is dragged. The manual batteries may last longer but the automatic option offers an easier vaping experience.

Whichever type of battery you choose it is important to always buy a quality brand to ensure that you get the best possible vaping experience, powered by the longest-lasting battery of your choice.

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