Just why is Hangsen E Liquid so Popular?

  • 16 Jun 2020

There is a huge number of e cig liquid brands on the market, and an even greater number of flavours that you can use for your vaping experience; however, like anything in life, all vape juices are not made equal. One of the most popular brands of e cig liquid in the UK market is American brand of vape juice Hangsen; but why is Hangsen considered one of the best vape juices on the market, and how does it remain so popular with vapers?


Hangsen e liquid has been going strong since 2008 and should perhaps be considered as vape pioneers. Over the course of their existence they have invested vast amounts of money into the research and development of their products – continually seeking ways to improve the Hangsen e cig liquid experience and the flavours that they provide vapers.

Not only are the Hangsen flavours rich and diverse, the electronic cigarette juice that they produce is tested and retested to ensure a satisfying smoke. While the actual Hangsen e liquid juice is inexpensive for users, the company has invested heavily to make it the best vape smoke on the market.

Natural Ingredients

Some of the vape juices that have infiltrated the market are not made with ingredients that are fit for inhalation, and this is something that Hangsen is passionate about. The Hangsen e liquid that is sold is made only from natural ingredients which are less likely to cause a negative reaction or allergy in users.

Quality Flavours

The combination of using quality ingredients and the product research and development has placed Hangsen at the top of the leader board for the flavours of e cig liquid that they produce. Check out our selection of Hangsen flavours by clicking here. There really is something for everyone – fruit e liquids, traditional cigarette flavour vape juice and even cola.

Cheap Vape Juice

Hangsen know who buys their products and who their competition is; there are many inexpensive vape juices in the market that vapers could use, so to keep customers loyal to the Hangsen e liquid brand they keep the cost of the vape juice low. Hangsen make their profits by ensuring that they sell vast numbers of units, and they keep customers returning by providing superior quality.

How can you tell your vape liquid is Hangsen?

Like any well-known and successful brand, Hangsen vape juice is vulnerable to forgery. You should only buy your vape juice from reputable sources, but there are tell-tale signs that you can look out for to confirm your product is authentic.

1.       All Hangsen vape juice products have the HS mark embossed on the bottle and on the cap edge.

2.       The cap of Hangsen e liquids have six symmetrical grooves inside the cap.

Hangsen is a brand that vapers can trust. Their products are made with quality natural ingredients using the latest industry technology. Hangsen electronic cigarette juices comply with international quality regulations and laws, and provide vapers with an uncompromised quality smoke.  


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